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What is Kubit Exchange

About Kubit

Kubit Exchange will be the most complete Exchange Platform Web 3.0 Buy, store, trade, exchange by the web 3.0 technology.
Be part of the future.

We built a platform
Web 3.0 ecosystem to share,

Exchange, and protect digital assets.
What is WEB 3.0?
How it works

How does DeFi on Web 3.0 create more opportunities for profit?

A business model based on decentralized ownership holds the immense potential of commercializing digital assets and creating a global transactional ecosystem
hat has never been witnessed before..

Decentralized Finance

Different pieces of the new Internet are born as building blocks, but there’s no way for them to work together.

Particularly, increased interest and Web 3.0 network utility mean more opportunities for generating profit with decentralized finance. The problem is, as mentioned above, DeFi and dApps alone are often not yet mature enough to provide the entirely innovative experience they are supposed to. Thanks to the underlying capabilities of Web 3.0, some providers have been able to develop Ethereum-based protocols for pushing necessary notifications to users, unveiling the full potential of DeFi. Getting alerts on time allows traders to capture more earning opportunities and take advantage of the democratized financial environment. With the help of blockchain, more supporting protocols and tools are going to penetrate the DeFi sector, making it a more promising place for investors and traders to get higher ROIs. Basically, Web 3.0 capabilities can help create a more connected, interoperable infrastructure for DeFi to fully evolve and capture limitless earning potential.



The DeFi market is rapidly growing, introducing financial innovation products like derivatives and base assets, enabling digital value creation and presenting different value drivers for the new environment. Since January 2021, the total DeFi and dApps market value has increased by 326%, reaching $73.9 billion.

This means that DeFi has become an evolving area with high earning potential. Overall, we can say that as a supportive background layer for fractional networks, the Web 3.0 ecosystem enables the growth of both DeFi and NFTs, and vice versa; however, we also must note that despite the continual improvement, there remain many challenges that are currently obstructing global access to decentralized finance, such as the volatility of cryptocurrencies, lack of regulation, and instances of hacking.




Our future Plans

More Decentralization, More Safety.

November 2022
Kubit Exchange
Platform idea
November 2022
Technical & strategy
December 2022
Ico Release, Beta version of Kubit exchange Live Soon
January 2023
Start trading on
Kubit Exchange, Kubit token listing
January 2023
NFT Marketplace
On Kubit Exchange
February 2023
Mobile apps for
iOS & Android,Listing token on Tier 3
Token Distribution

Token Sale Stats

The ICO usually takes place before the project is completed, and helps fund the expenses
undertaken by the founding team until launch. For some of the larger projects.


Token Distribution:

Exchange Listings - Liquidity. 45%

Ecosystem Rewards: 35%

Burn: 15%

Marketing&Advertising 5%


Frequently Asked Questions

Presale Price $0.01 Public Sale price $0.02
Kubit Exchange and Kubit Token Starting in the same Time, First kubit will be listed on Kubit Exchange and Pancakeswap. it will be in December.
Kubit Exchange and Kubit Token Will be the most web 3.0 Ecosystem on the web. We planning relase only Web3 projects on our exchange. WEB 3.0 is a future technology.
After relase everyone can create wallet and account without KYC on exchange.
No, you dont need to undergo for any KYC to buy token.
Kubit is an official token of Kubit Exchange developed on BEP-20 and its part of the Kubit Exchange web3 Ecosystem.
Kubit Total supply is 100M tokens.
Instantly after buy in presale you will get into your wallet.
Connect with your wallet and type how you want to buy, after payment you will receive tokens automatically
Yes, After Yes, release date will be possible buy and sell tokens to BTC,USDT,BNB,BUSD Trading Pair in Kubit Exchange.